In a world where physical image- perfect hair, perfect body, perfect skin and perfect teeth- has become a high priority, the voice now appears high on the checklist of perfection. “Voice styling” – helping people improve the sound and impact of their voice- completes the picture of a dynamic self-image. A skilled and knowledgeable teacher will take a client through a personalized exercise regime that targets problems and provides solutions resulting in a complete- “vocal makeover “- a free rich resonant speaking voice that is charged with energy and sounds totally natural (as if you were born with it). BARBARA FELLER/Performance Training for the Voice is a system that in addition to the benefits above, will also help you discover and build a communicating personality. The process will enable you to think more clearly in the moment and connect emotionally to the information and your audience. Everyone benefits from a speaker who possesses style, confidence, conviction and spontaneity.


Do you think you would be more effective in getting your message across- getting what you want from others- if you were more “commanding�?? Voice quality in today’s world is a necessary requirement- especially because so many of our daily activities are conducted on the phone. In business -and socially, as well – the impact of our voice determines how persuasive and engaging we are. When communicating sight unseen the voice alone delivers the message. A shaky, breathy, garbled voice- with weak inflection and mired in regional accents not only undermine the information you offer but also your intelligence. Developing the voice into an effective tool of communication will ensure the power and impact of the speaker as well as the information.


In similar ways to training the singing voice, (it is after all, the same larynx) . Performance Training for the Speaking Voice combines traditional methods with principles of fitness training to build and strengthen the musculature that supports and releases the voice. Think of it as taking your voice to the gym. What’s more it makes use of the only recently understood role of neurology in vocal technique – utilizing specific impulse cues to liberate the voice from the tensions of muscular effort. The results are amazing and quickly provide you, the client/ speaker with a set of consistent tools that create new ways of producing power, range and color with your voice.

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