Barbara Feller

Master voice teacher Barbara Feller has been teaching voice in New York for over 20 years. Her commitment to advancing the study of voice, beyond traditional methods, led to the development of a cutting-edge technique that has helped professional performers in all styles and mediums reach their peak performance.The central tenet of Barbara Feller’s work is that a performer should develop the ability to navigate freely through many vocal styles and qualities. The ultimate goal of all Ms. Feller’s work with performers is to help cultivate physical and psychological openness and availability. Actors and singers should be free to concentrate fully on the exploration of character and the telling of the story, instead of consciously thinking about voice production.

Barbara Feller’s work with Lynda Sharman, of the Sharman Voice Institute, integrated neurological research into the study of voice (heightened sensory awareness), similar to methods used by Olympic athlete trainers. In this system, involuntary muscular response is cued through sensory impulse. This maximizes all aspects of the voice — freedom, flexibility, range and power. It completely eliminates muscular strain and excessive effort. By placing in the body the physical sensory cues that are the “key” to unlocking voice production, the performer is able to access the often hidden pathways to a desired sound. This concept truly brings voice work into the 21st century.

Barbara Feller has studied and earned degrees from Julliard, Hunter and Manhattanville colleges and for many years was director of a theater program in Westchester. Ms. Feller works with performers in the recording studio, on the set, and in her Manhattan studio.

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