Barbara has worked with a wide range of clients, from singers and vocalists to actors and public speakers. She has rescued damaged voices, including floor traders from the NY Stock Exchange and overworked/untrained singers.

“Barbara is a warm presence, that calms and encourages you to let your voice out, in completely new way. Her approach is holistic and comprehensive – whatever bumps I’ve had in finding my voice, she’s had a innovative approach to solving each problem”
Melissa Ulto, singer

“In my experience as a record producer working with singers of all different styles, one constant is that all singers need a way of releasing and finding vocal freedom so that their artisic ideas can be realized….I’ve found that no other voice teacher I’ve encountered is capable of achieving this (with the artist) like Barbara….. I have sent almost all the young singers I’ve worked with to her at one time or another…. Most recently, I found myself performing again as a singer, Since I began studying
with Barbara myself, I have found that freedom once again . Without sounding overly dramatic…It’s almost as if I can fly again…. all the ideas my inner artist wants to express, are being realized….. I highly recommend her to anyone who
wants to free their natural gift…..”
Gary Brown, Producer, Grammy Winner 2002.

“I have worked in professional theater, in recording studios for all purposes, with my own band in clubs, and where I feel most at home: singing solos with the gospel choir. I came to Barbara Feller with a tired , overworked, sick voice. Barbara Feller’s technique has healed my voice completely and allowed me the opportunity to enjoy singing with ease and vocal freedom. Her technique allows you to move from lower to higher registers, from softer to louder, with effortlessness. I studied with other voice teachers , but my voice nwever responded like this. I experience joy in my singing like never before.”
Lazet Michaels, Recording Artist

“I have studied voice with teachers from all over the world, with noted opera divas, respected broadway coaches, and with top voice professers in the academic world. These old-fashioned teachers drilled me on scales and ‘proper breathing’ techniques, constantly reinforcing the idea that I need to muscularly exercise my voice and think about proper vocal production in order to make a ‘legitimate’ sound. But modern audiences demand that more truth is revealed through a performer’s voice than can be achieved with that kind of technical approach. Within a couple of weeks of working with Barbara Feller, my entire approach to the way I sing began to change, with essentially no conscious effort. I began to connect with the stories I was supposed to be telling in my songs, more and more. I noticed that thoughts about proper voice production and how to produce a technically correct sound faded away. I was connecting more and more to my imagination, and releasing this through my voice. My dreams about effortless voice production were coming true. Barbara Feller’s work is based on the premise that we already know how to breathe, and that singing should be heartfelt and connected to your soul. Now I can sing an opera aria or a more rocky song from “Jesus Christ Superstar,” with an authentic and effortless connection to my imagination. Thank god for Barbara Feller, and the next generation of voice teachers like her.”
Jason Bennett, Founder & Director of The Jason Bennett Actor’s Workshop

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