Navigating From One Style To Another

The fundamental truth about voice work is : all technique must be experienced physically! I make this point because when moving from one style to another (or one character to another) it is crucial to feel the changes that need to take place in the body to achieve the desired sound. We also need to be aware of perception – what we think another singer (song stylist ) is doing in terms of technique may be 180 degrees from the truth of it.

It is my job as a teacher- trainer to – a) understand where a client wants to go with their voice, b) determine where they are in terms of technique… noone comes to me a blank canvas , c) provide the pathways – the exercises that will put the right physical/sensory cues in the body to get there. Classical singers often want to diversify and do crossover work, pop singers often want to sing in a more R&B style, musical theater singers often want to sing classical or pop music etc. Often I am asked to provide necessary changes for an artist to provide a producer’s musical vision … sometimes in the recording studio. What is important is to know that this can be done without harming the voice in any way.

I want to make VERY CLEAR here that this DOES NOT TAKE AWAY what a singer has already but ADDS new roads to the vocal super highway so that one has more choices, a larger palette of colors to choose from. Many people are fearful that they are going to lose what they have acquired and love about their voice when they begin voice work, but THIS IS NOT TRUE -WE ARE ONLY ADDING NOT TAKING AWAY!!! Even in cases where the voice is damaged one learns why this has happened as we heal the voice and provide new approaches as prevention. But even here the performer is given pathways to make his/her own choices. I provide a lovely little toolbox for change. It is truly exciting and revolutionary work and constantly amazes me and gives so many people HOPE.

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