Young Singers

For a long while I did not accept clients younger than 16 yrs. I realized what a mistake this was when a teacher at LaGuardia High School (Performing Arts H.S NYC.) urged me to consider a 15 year old student whom he regarded as “super talented” and would “fly with the right kind of vocal work”. Influenced by his enthusiasm I gave in and I will be eternally grateful to my colleague for opening a new door of experience for me. Young singers bring with them a terrific positive energy. They are willing and eager to try anything – there are a lot of new and nontraditional exercises in this system.Young singers haven’t been discouraged by techniques that are not working for them and for the most part aside from what they have figured out on their own they are a “blank canvas” meaning there isn’t as much need for deprogramming of the “DEFEATING HABITS” of an ineffectual limiting technique. So … we took off together (all voicework is a collaboration) and are having a lot of fun in the process. In no time this young woman has blossomed into a major soprano and is currently navigating the landscapes of opera and musical theater building a “toolbox” of her own for each style. Meanwhile I have learned to open my mind to new experiences as well and that’s what makes this work an ongoing fabulous adventure.

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