Barbara Feller/A Voice Has Many Rooms

Almost every day when a new singer considers studying, I’m asked about the STYLE of voice I teach. As a singer who has performed in several styles of music I understand the question on a very personal level. I know how difficult it is to grasp the notion that a truly good and expansive technique will address and transverse the landscape of all vocal styles. When a technique sets the body, the breath, the larynx and energy into the right balance the singer, having reached a higher state of sensory awareness will be on what I like to call the vocal superhighway ready to adjust these elements to the requirements of each musical genre. I believe every singer should be able to navigate freely through many different styles. A voice has many rooms and yet so many people get locked into one unable to free themselves and ultimately believe they cannot access any other sound. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!! As a matter of fact the workout of one approach/style can enhance another.

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